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Marketing as a business philosophy
Marketing as a business philosophy is the norm for the modern businessman. This is due to the fact that you can get an effective business now only with the help…

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Marketing as a business philosophy
Marketing as a business philosophy is the norm for the modern businessman. This is due to the fact that you can get an effective business now only with the help…

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Professional marketing as a guarantee of success
Professional marketing is a tool for business development and growth. In turn, Amateur self-marketing-a factor that significantly inhibits trade, reduces the level of sales in 10, and sometimes 100 times.…

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Mega effective business control system

Many businessmen, having opened a legal entity, begin to believe that now they have their own business. Satisfied, they RUB their hands at the realization that they will now work for themselves and not for their uncle. The desire to work for yourself and not for your uncle is a good desire, it should be encouraged. The more people who take responsibility, the better. However, there are nuances.

From a legal point of view, the business really belongs to the newly minted businessmen, and they really work for themselves. But the legal point of view is not the only one. There are other points of view. Continue reading

The core of the business as its basis

There is an opinion that any business is just the implementation of the scheme “money-goods-money”. In fact, this scheme is nothing but a ” business engine”, the core of the business, its prototype, which is taken as a basis by all businessmen. Of course, the scheme is short, concise, reflecting only the main points and each businessman can modify it at its discretion and under its market.

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Effective development of dealer network

The development of a dealer network is necessary because dealers help to sell. The more of them, the higher the sales, as a rule. Therefore, the development of a dealer network for a company that wants to have high sales is one of the most priority areas. By themselves, the network does not develop, they need to be engaged, investing time, money and other resources, you need to constantly look for new dealers.

dealer network development

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How to set up exports to rich countries

The strategy of exporting to rich countries is a clear answer to the question of how to sell to such regions and countries as Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, China and some others. An effective export strategy is always based on knowing the mentality of the country or region with which you plan to work. Without this, failure is guaranteed to happen.

The strategy for export to rich countries

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Inexpensive landing page format 7 in 1

You pay only for landing, and you get 7 opportunities to increase sales. How do you like this proposal? To implement it, it is enough to order an inexpensive landing page, but not simple, not classic, and format 7 in 1, which will give you 7 additional features. The first possibility is your own, independent channel of communication, both with potential and current customers.

inexpensive landing

The second possibility is an effective semi-automatic sales system. The third possibility is a high-quality advertising system. The fourth possibility is an effective branding system. The fifth possibility is our own PR system. The sixth possibility is a constantly growing base of loyal and hot customers. Continue reading

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Launch of marketing in small business
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