Effective ways

How to find sources of profit
The main sources of profit change as the economic level changes. We are now moving from the fourth economic level to the fifth. Accordingly, very soon a good profit will…

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A ticket to the post-industrial economy
There are several types of economies, and one of them is post - industrial. The transition to a post-industrial economy is one of our possible prospects, if the conditions are…

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The right start of your own business
The right way to start your own business is to find a promising idea. A good idea is a guarantee of a successful business. Most businesses go bankrupt in the…

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Powerful method of studying competitors

The study of competitors is a vital necessity. In this regard, there are many sayings: “I Would know the purchase, would live in Sochi”, ” I would Know where to fall, would lay straws.” The essence of the latter wisdom is that it is always useful to have information, which is reflected in the well-known expression that says that he “who owns the information, owns the world.”

The study of competitors by the latest technique

Owning information is useful always and everywhere. For example, if you know what the weather will be, you can make a number of decisions: take an umbrella or not to take, wear very warm clothes or not very warm. All this allows you to get rid of many unpleasant situations. Continue reading

The most effective protection from competitors

The prospects for the near future for most companies are not very bright, because the only way to survive in today’s competitive world is to constantly attack. The best defense against competitors is attack, attacking marketing, active marketing. If you don’t attack, they attack you. The most advanced players in all world markets know this and actively use marketing.

At the same time, once they have achieved great success, then they are quite experienced “fighters”. Our markets are very attractive to them, including due to the small experience of local companies, so sooner or later any company can fall under their attack. Local companies are mostly inexperienced to attack themselves. Continue reading

Marketing as the cause of the global crisis

Alexei Kudrin, Ilmars Rimsevics, Stanley Fischer, Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Filat, George Soros. What do you think all these people have in common? No, it’s not the top six on the Forbes list. All these people are United by talking about what is the cause of the global crisis. They agree that the crisis is a reality and are trying to figure out how to get out of it.

Marketing as the cause of the global crisis

The answer to the question is known. The main reason for the global crisis is marketing. In General, marketing is rarely seen as the cause of the crisis, but it is he who caused it. How? It’s very simple. Continue reading

Why is the forecast of business development necessary

He started doing business at the University. The scholarship was not enough, so I was spinning to earn at least some money. I’ve never worked for my uncle, and I’m proud of it. All he has achieved. For 20 years, we have achieved a lot. At first, the business developed perfectly. I earned money, solved my problems. Everything was going great, so I didn’t even think about opening another business.

But lately there has been a sense of doom. It seems that a little more and the business will have to close. I don’t know what to do. If I shut down the business, I’d be virtually without income. Is it possible to define at least in General terms what to expect from business in the future? Continue reading

Creative method of generating ideas

A good idea is valued very highly, but the problem is that it’s hard to get. There is a creative method of generating ideas, which allows you to put their generation on stream. With its help, you can get quality ideas. High-quality ideas give better results, low-quality ideas give low results, and sometimes do not give them at all.

Method of generating ideas from professionals

This makes it necessary to approach the generation of ideas very responsibly, because only such an approach will give real results. This approach can be implemented only if an effective method of generating ideas is used. In eMarketing to generate ideas in different methods and one of them neotechnology, which is called “ELOGIA”. The algorithm of this technology is as follows: Continue reading

The real foundations of a successful business
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How to beat the competition and earn everything
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Creative economy as a way to earn money
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Effective technology to eliminate competitors
One of the main questions of all businessmen is how to eliminate a competitor. To force a competitor to leave the market is the dream of every businessman. Eliminate a…