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Inexpensive landing page format 7 in 1

You pay only for landing, and you get 7 opportunities to increase sales. How do you like this proposal? To implement it, it is enough to order an inexpensive landing page, but not simple, not classic, and format 7 in 1, which will give you 7 additional features. The first possibility is your own, independent channel of communication, both with potential and current customers.

inexpensive landing

The second possibility is an effective semi-automatic sales system. The third possibility is a high-quality advertising system. The fourth possibility is an effective branding system. The fifth possibility is our own PR system. The sixth possibility is a constantly growing base of loyal and hot customers. The seventh possibility is a marketing system that will create your own market for the sale of goods or services.

A simple classic landing page in a crisis is a luxury that can easily lead to bankruptcy. The 7-in-1 landing page is the best anti-crisis solution. It can be used to promote a company, organization, person, product, service. In a crisis, you have to save money by giving up many promotion tools and reducing the degree of impact on the consumer.

How to create an inexpensive landing page
A high degree of impact on the consumer is possible only if marketing, advertising, branding, PR and sales are used simultaneously. If any of the above is not used, the degree of impact is reduced, which reduces the desire of customers to give you their money for your products or services.

Landing format 7 in 1 solves this problem, it allows you to keep a high degree of promotion and maximum impact on customers.Why does even an inexpensive 7-in-1 landing page provide such opportunities? Due to the fact that it is based on the idea of a product, service, person or business and is broadcast. To get such a landing page, first of all, you need to get the appropriate legram.

With the help of a legram, an idea is selected and a legend is built. A normal landing page broadcasts normal content, and a 7-in-1 landing page broadcasts an idea.The idea is communicated to customers, implemented in them and as a result, simultaneously carried out advertising, PR, branding, marketing and sales impact. The result is a reusable client.

How does an inexpensive landing page work
inexpensive landing page

Classic landing, as a rule, allows you to get a client only once. One-time customer, the cost of which can reach a huge amount-this is a great luxury in a crisis. The most profitable client-reusable, because it is tedious to pay for it only once, and the subsequent times it costs free.How does a 7-in-1 landing page work? It’s simple!

A potential client gets to the landing page and the idea begins to affect him. Due to the fact that the landing page is based not on simple content, but on an idea, different processes are launched. If the client is targeted, then the process of implementing the idea and formalizing the idea, if this is the first visit, or the process of activating the idea, if the second or subsequent visits to the site. As a result, the client wants to implement this idea.

In fact, landing pumps a potential customer with an idea, charges him to buy a product or service. Without your product or service, he can’t do it and has to make a purchase. To refuse to buy, if pumped idea, very difficult, which is the key to success. As a result, the customer dials the phone number and calls to get the right product or service and then everything depends on the professionalism of your sales specialists.

How to order an inexpensive landing page
inexpensive landing page

Sales business is pumped, if you use the usual classic landing. In this case, the client buys what is necessary, and leaves, forgetting about you. Any, even inexpensive landing format 7 in 1 arranged so that translates the idea. Therefore, if it is used, one-time sales business is not pumped. As a rule, once on such a landing page, the client becomes permanent and thus can significantly save on advertising.

The trick is that as a result of the translation of the idea, it will be embedded in the subconscious of the client and remains in it forever.An idea cannot be removed from the subconscious.The translation of an idea leads to the creation of a market around it. Therefore, the customer can not just pick up and leave even after the purchase, it becomes reusable, because it is very much attached to you.

Once you broadcast this idea, once you manage it, it means that it is your own market, so you always have the opportunity to get repeat sales. Interesting? Address. Inexpensive landing format 7 in 1 usually costs about 20,000 Russian rubles. This is quite a lifting amount for most companies and individual entrepreneurs.

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