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How to set up exports to rich countries

The strategy of exporting to rich countries is a clear answer to the question of how to sell to such regions and countries as Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, China and some others. An effective export strategy is always based on knowing the mentality of the country or region with which you plan to work. Without this, failure is guaranteed to happen.

The strategy for export to rich countries

What is the basic difference between West and East? East-a place in General scarce, where everything is not enough. This creates a deficit mentality that defines consumer habits, the concept of business and life in General, and the same economy. A businessman with an Eastern mentality looks at the world with scarce eyes, he thinks that everything and everyone is missing.

In his concept, for a business to go, it is enough just to have some product and offer it to customers. The quality of the product, its characteristics are not very important, because there is no other option, and therefore, the consumer has no choice. The scarcity of the economy is manifested in everything, including the fact that there is a huge shortage of customers who can sell the goods.

The strategy of export to the East
The strategy of export to the East

Eastern mentality gives rise to the appropriate type of sales – thing, i.e. the desire to sell the product in any way. If the client approached, he must necessarily vtyuhat, because the other client may simply not be. In the process tuhinga is a substitution of concepts. Under the need of man offers not the product that is able to satisfy it.

It kills sales on a root, reduces them in times

It is not the product that is sold that is able to really implement the idea that the buyer has. A person buys, but remains unsatisfied, because he bought the wrong thing. A few such “purchases” and he is already afraid to buy anything at all. This kills sales at the root, reduces them at times. As a result, all this generates hundreds or even thousands of unrealized desires, constant fear, fear of shopping.

The deficit economy generates total psychological stress and leads to the fact that a person is capable of minimal physical stress. In such an economy, goods for psychological relief are particularly good. There is another interesting point, which is that due to the fact that many unnecessary goods are bought that do not satisfy the need, the habit of getting rid of what is not needed is formed.

The strategy of export to the West
The strategy of export to the West

In normal sales – the process of transferring what the customer really needs. In the East, marketing is spreading – the process of transferring what you do not need yourself. It is clear that in such conditions, money is not created, but only redistributed. Money is created only as a result of equal exchange and satisfaction of desires and this happens in the West.

You can only make money in the West and this requires a proper export strategy

You can earn money only in the West and this requires a proper export strategy that allows you to understand the market. The West is a place of surplus. There is generally enough for everyone. In the West, people’s desires are satisfied with more. Everything is optimized, configured, organized, so the psychological stress of people is minimal, but the maximum physical stress, because to satisfy the maximum of their desires, you need to work hard.

We can say that everyone there is at the limit of their physical capabilities. Therefore, there are good goods for physical unloading, which save time and money. And the better they go, the better they unload. In fact, only innovative products are doing well in this market. Goods that are not needed and most and that you want to sell, there is simply impossible to sell.

Effective export strategy
How to sell in the West

As you can see, the answer to the question of what should be the strategy of export to the West is quite simple. You just have to offer the market something that no one else has offered it. In turn, our companies basically have only what they do not need themselves, except for raw materials, so the sales of goods in the Western market is a huge problem. However, just to offer something new is not enough, it must also meet the real needs of consumers.

If you can not offer something new, there is nothing to do in the Western markets

This means that consumers should be able to realize their ideas with the help of the offered products. Western businessmen are well aware of this, at least those who manage to stay in the market for a long time and who use the script of modern marketing. They do not just understand this, but also conduct business on this premise, constantly looking for and offering customers something new. Well, customers are accustomed to the constant search for something new.

The surplus economy of the West, in contrast to the deficit economy of the East creates money. Therefore, everyone wants to enter the Western market to earn money. This is not possible for everyone, but only for those who really offer something new to the West. If you can’t offer something new, there’s nothing to do in Western markets. There are many success stories of companies from Eastern countries in the West and they are all related to the fact that these companies were able to offer something really new.

Export strategy as a key to success
Export strategy as a key to success

It is obvious that the Eastern mentality is the main reason for failures in Western markets. To enter the Western market, we need, first of all, an export strategy that will reformat the mentality in a Western way. One of the options for this is to pump the company as a whole and its employees with a Western mentality. If not the entire company, then at least those of its divisions that will work in the West.

In fact we need a quality export strategy

Based on the above, it is generally clear how to set up exports to rich Western countries. However, understanding is not enough, and concrete actions are needed, because nothing will happen by itself. And you need not just actions, but a program of actions, because only it will allow you to get the desired result. In fact, we need a quality export strategy. Only a person who knows the Western mentality well can develop it.

Only a high-quality, not a fictitious export strategy will allow you to get specialists who can create products that will be really interesting to Western buyers, as well as promote and sell them. Only investments in high-quality strategy will return, and not disappear, as if in a black hole. Do you really want to enter the Western markets and earn money? Address.

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