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The core of the business as its basis

There is an opinion that any business is just the implementation of the scheme “money-goods-money”. In fact, this scheme is nothing but a ” business engine”, the core of the business, its prototype, which is taken as a basis by all businessmen. Of course, the scheme is short, concise, reflecting only the main points and each businessman can modify it at its discretion and under its market.

The core of the business as its basis

In fact, the “business engine” is just an algorithm that works on the head of a businessman. An algorithm that includes the scheme by which the business is conducted from beginning to end. Without this scheme, there is no point in getting into business at all. If this scheme is contrary to the moral, moral or ethical standards of a person, then he has no place in business.

The prototype is one, but the results in the end are all different. Why? Because some of the businessmen either do not modify the “business engine ” at all, using the basic version, or make an intuitive revision. The other part of the business lays out everything on paper, analyzes, and optimizes. As a result, they get a perfect “business engine”.

Weak core business
Weak core business

Intuitive revision – it’s fast and most importantly free. Therefore, it is most often used. As a result, it seems that there is a scheme, but what it is a businessman does not know exactly, only guesses. On the level of intuition, he feels what and when to do, but on the level of consciousness does not understand why he does so or otherwise. In fact, the “less you know, better sleep ” scheme is implemented.

They get results 10-100 times better than ” intuitive businessmen”

However, the bottom line is that “conscious businessmen” who have a clear scheme, who know their “business engine” like the back of their hand, beat ” intuitive businessmen” who act on intuition with a devastating score. They get results 10-100 times better than”intuitive businessmen”. Why is there such a huge difference in results?

Because intuition tells you what to do, but it doesn’t tell you how. Therefore, “intuitive businessmen” know exactly what to do, but do not know how. As a result, they have not done 99% of the cases. Only the minimum is done, and it is done “just as”, because they do not have an exact scheme. When you do only 1% of actions, and you do them “only ” as, then you can get a maximum of 1% of the result.

Powerful core business
Powerful core business

In turn, “conscious businessmen ” know what to do and know how to do it. In the end, they have a plan. They very quietly and gradually implement it, making 100% of the necessary actions that give the desired result. They know the “business engine” 100%, because they visualized it, which in the end allowed them to bring it to perfection, among other things.

The more perfect the engine, the more perfect the core of the business-the better results the businessman gets

Having a perfect “business engine” is very important, because it converts the energy and time of a businessman into money. The better it is tuned, the more time and energy is converted into money with the same effort. The difference between how much time, money and effort invested and how much money eventually received depends solely on the degree of perfection of the “business engine”.

The more perfect the engine, the more perfect the core of the business-the better results the businessman gets, the higher he rises in the hierarchy. Having a perfect core business is important because it is the basis of competitiveness. The fight for customers, for the market is always won by the business which is based on the best core.

The core of the business and its success
The core of business and success

A successful businessman differs from an unsuccessful one only by having a perfect “business engine”. A very successful businessman differs from a businessman with average success only in that he has a better “business engine”. The most successful businessman differs from the businessman with average success only in that he has a more perfect and powerful engine.

No one has ever managed to build a powerful business on a weak core

No one has ever managed to build a powerful business on a weak core. Never, no one could do it. A powerful business is always based on a powerful engine core, the most thought-out and perfect engine. Any weak business is weak only because it is based on a weak engine. There are no other reasons for the weakness of the business. What is the core of the business, such it gives and the result.

To increase the power of a business, you just need to increase the power of its engine, having previously carried out its visualization. If you do not have experience, it is difficult to do it yourself and it makes sense to contact specialists. They can both give advice and help to upgrade the “business engine”. It is usually inexpensive and is quite simple, so please contact.

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