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A ticket to the post-industrial economy

There are several types of economies, and one of them is post – industrial. The transition to a post-industrial economy is one of our possible prospects, if the conditions are right. They can both develop and not develop, respectively, the transition can both take place and not take place. It depends on many factors.

Transition to a post-industrial economy

Each type of economy is based on something. Hunting and gathering economy is built around production: the search for berries, mushrooms, roots, nuts and other edibles, as well as hunting and fishing. This is the first level of the economy. The ticket to it is the ability to collect and hunt. In such an economy, the elite is the best at finding food and hunting. Who does not know, that on the sidelines. The second level of the economy is agricultural. The agricultural economy is built around growing food. The ticket to such an economy is land. Who has land, the elite. Who does not have, the second role.

The third-level industrial economy is built around the production of goods. The ticket to it is the capacity to produce goods. Who has the power, the elite. The rest are second-rate. The peculiarity of the post-industrial economy of the fourth level is that it is built around the production and distribution of ideas. Accordingly, to become a part of it you need to have an idea. Who has an idea – the elite of the post-industrial economy, the ticket to which is an idea.

What does the transition to a post-industrial economy look like
What does the transition to a post-industrial economy look like

It is obvious that the transition to a post-industrial economy will take place only if a post-industrial base is formed, and there are some problems with this. The main problem we have to face is that very often ideas are confused with thoughts. Confusion, among other things, creates problems of promotion.

Without the idea of becoming part of a post industrial economy it is impossible

Thought and ideas are different. The idea is that they’re able to create people. In turn, the idea of a person can not create. He can only get it. The idea is the basis of the universe, the smallest element of our world. There is no doubt that the Foundation of the world is ideas. Everything we see began with an idea. Initially, the idea is not visible to the eye. Then the idea takes shape and becomes material, visible to the eyes.

Without the idea of becoming a part of the post-industrial economy is impossible, without it there are no effective ways of business development. Without it, you can only become part of one of the lower levels, and only if you have tickets to these levels. In other words, you need a ticket anyway. Who has a ticket – the subject of the economy, which has rights. Who does not have a ticket, the object that has only responsibilities. If there is no ticket, you can only play the second role, and then at best.

The basis of the post-industrial economy
Transition to a post-industrial economy

It may seem that there are no problems with ideas. They seem to be enough, they seem to have all and thus a ticket to the post-industrial economy is at all, and therefore the transition to the post-industrial economy just take place. That’s not so. As practice shows, there are ideas only in 0.0001% of cases. In the remaining 99.9999% of cases there are only thoughts. Real ideas are very scarce, so they pay a lot of money for them.

In the first roles can only be a person who has a real idea

There are hundreds of billions of thoughts, so they are worthless. Moreover, every day any person generates hundreds of thoughts, and there is no need to buy them. Other people’s thoughts are not interesting to anyone.Thought is not a ticket to a post-industrial economy. A man who has only thoughts can only be in the background. In the first roles can only be a person who has a real idea.

To fit into the new format of the economy and build a very profitable business of a new type will only work for those people and companies who have real ideas, not thoughts. The only way to get a real idea is to get it using the appropriate technology. Not everyone can get ideas, because not everyone has the right technology.

How to become part of a post-industrial economy
How to become part of a post-industrial economy

One of the easiest and most understandable ways to get a real idea is a legram. It helps to get a real idea to everyone and thus with its help everyone will be able to get a ticket to the post-industrial economy. Then it remains only to start working with the extracted idea using the script of modern marketing in order to become part of the post-industrial economy.

A ticket to a post-industrial economy offers a number of advantages

A ticket to a post-industrial economy offers a number of advantages. First, you make your personal transition to a post-industrial economy and get access to all its advantages, which are a huge number. Secondly, the idea is the core of the market, so you get the opportunity to create and develop your personal market, which will not have competitors. Third, you will increase the charisma and appeal of your company, its products or services.

Fourth, you will become a leader for customers and partners, get their recognition, your credibility will grow significantly. Fifth, you can get more results with less resources. Sixth, if you don’t have a business yet, you can start a successful business.So it’s worth getting an idea. There are still many profitable ideas, but they are running out. Ready to start? Request a telegram, you can’t do without it.

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