Professional marketing as a guarantee of success
Professional marketing is a tool for business development and growth. In turn, Amateur self-marketing-a factor that significantly inhibits trade, reduces the level of sales in 10, and sometimes 100 times.…

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How the invisible hand of the market creates customers
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The easiest way to earn
The easiest way to earn quickly and a lot is to give people what they want but can't buy. Of course, you have to work hard to determine what people…

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How to beat the competition and earn everything

There are many options for how to bypass competitors. But most methods involve huge financial or reputational costs. There is only one way that is quite cheap and at the same time does not affect the reputation, because it looks honest and fair. It will allow you to bypass competitors and become a market leader. It is profitable to be a leader, because the leader gets the maximum, the rest gets the rest.

The further away from market leadership, the lower the earnings. For example, Apple removes from the smartphone market about all 94% of profits. Another 11% goes to Samsung. Together, they withdraw more than 100% of the profits, while the rest are in chronic minus. And the farther away from the leader, the greater the minus.

The only way to get the most money

Trees try to grow taller than others, because this allows them to get the maximum sun. Low trees sometimes get nothing at all. If a company wants to have maximum revenue, it needs to be a market leader. She must be the first in the eyes of the client to choose her. This is the only way to get the most money. A little money can get the one who goes second or third, but the further away from the leader, the less money.

How to get around competitors?
how to beat the competition

The most recent companies only get a minus. By the time they get their turn, the customers don’t have any money left, because they give it to the leaders. That’s the way the world works, you can’t change it. Some try to circumvent the rules, try to fight the established order. However, the maximum money earns not the one who struggles with the device of the world, and the one who uses it for their own purposes.

How to beat the competition to earn maximum money

How do I beat the competition to make the most money? It is usually considered that it is enough just to offer the best product or service. As practice shows, this is not enough. This is very little. The point is that a product is a way to implement an idea. And usually the version of the idea that is relevant at the moment, has already been implemented with the help of some product. It can be imagined as if there is a computer with a USB port that is already busy.

Insert a flash drive in a computer will not work. Similarly, the consumer has nowhere to “insert” a new product, if the idea is already implemented with the help of another product. A new product can become necessary only if the previous product fails, and this is a very long process, so you can not avoid competitors. Therefore, to beat the competition, you need something else.

Place in the market and earnings
how to beat the competition

What is needed? You need a market bias strategy. The essence of this strategy is to upgrade the idea of the market to a new version. As a result, it will shift and the available goods on the market will no longer correspond to it. The market will need another product. Thus, consumers will open “ports” for new products. They will want these goods, and you will be able to offer them.

This idea is at the heart of the need, turns people into consumers and motivates them to buy a product that fits it

If the bias is in your favor, then no one will have a suitable product except you, and consumers will have no other choice. The most interesting thing is that very often even the product does not need to be upgraded. It will be possible to sell an existing product, after analyzing it to find unrealized opportunities. They will then be incorporated into the new version of the market idea.

To implement the strategy of market displacement, you must, of course, have an idea of the market. This idea is at the heart of the need, turns people into consumers and motivates them to buy a product that matches it. To modernize the idea of the market, it must first be obtained and carefully studied. And it is necessary to have not thoughts about the market, but the idea of the market.

The strategy of market dislocation
how to beat the competition

It is also necessary to have an idea of the product, a real idea of the product, so that it is possible to convey to consumers all the value that is in the product. Very often, companies have only thoughts about the product, but not its idea. If you don’t have a market idea and a product idea, you can’t implement a market shift strategy. The idea of a product is the key to a product, and the idea of a market is the key to a market. As long as there are no keys, there is no way to “open the door”.

Sales are increasing, profits are growing, and market share is growing

With a market shift strategy in hand, you will know exactly how to beat the competition. You will not just know, but you will be able to do it for sure, because you will have a step-by-step marketing plan of action. It will just be necessary to make planned steps. There’s nothing complicated about it. Many companies have been able to do this, and so can you. You are clearly no more stupid than those who could do it.

Investments in the development of the strategy, which usually costs about $ 2000, as well as investments in its implementation, are repulsed within a year after it is launched, and repulsed repeatedly. Sales are increasing, profits are growing, and the market share is growing. Most importantly, this strategy is one of the few that works in the rich markets of the EU, the US and other developed countries. Order a strategy or advice on its development and implementation and you will succeed.

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