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Marketing research without spending money

Free market research is a reality available to everyone. The importance of market research is that it is the main source of complete and objective information about the market. This information can be used in decision-making, in the creation of advertising materials, in the development of goods or services, and in many other cases.

Quality free marketing research

In principle, you can certainly do business and do all of the above without marketing research, relying only on intuition. Intuition is a good adviser, but it does not give specific figures, and indicates only directions. I really want to know the numbers, because the numbers allow you to calculate everything and plan everything, but I do not want to spend money on it.

What to do when you do not want to spend money on marketing, but you want to have numbers? In this case, you can conduct completely free marketing research. This can be done very easily and simply on their own. Conduct free marketing research can be Your own salesperson or sales Manager.

How to conduct free marketing research
Free marketing research from the pros

Sales managers and sellers are constantly in close contact with customers, and therefore with the market and they will not be difficult to collect the necessary digital information on the market. Conduct qualitative research can only “pumped” specialists, because without it they will not know what to ask customers and will not be motivated to do so.

Pumped seller to become an agent of your company

If they are not motivated, then they have to pay money, which means that marketing research is already paid, and this is not our goal. Our goal is free market research. Pumped sales Manager and the seller is personally interested in getting information from customers, which means he will do everything for free.

When there is no inner desire, any other means of motivation are weakly effective. Pumped seller, not only that becomes more effective, so can perform many new functions, including to conduct free market research and exploration. Pumped seller to become an agent of your company.

What does free marketing research provide
What does free marketing research provide

Pumped specialist begins to work in the interests of the company, and not just for the sake of earning money. Implementation by a salesperson or sales Manager of new functions gives many, many advantages of the company, hitherto unknown advantages. So, pumped seller will be able to receive information about new ideas that are now concerned about consumers.

…you can even make money on it…

Getting information about new ideas introduced into the consumer is one of the most important areas of marketing research, because the idea is the basis of business and the basis of business processes. If earlier they said-the one who owns the information, owns the world, but now they say-the one who knows what ideas excite the consumer-owns the world.

Getting information about new ideas that really excite consumers is very difficult and very expensive, if you do it not on your own, but through intermediaries. If you do it through your seller, then the money will not be required. On the contrary, you can even make money on it, reselling information about new ideas to interested companies.

Research as a way to get rid of competitors
Free market research

New ideas are very valuable information, because new products are needed to implement them. The one who learns about new ideas before others can create the goods necessary for these ideas before others. The result will be a monopoly on the market and the cream will be removed from the market. The rest of us will have to settle for just the crumbs that will remain on the market.

Competitors will only have to finish after you

A company where the seller is not pumped, will know about what goods need to buy or produce, only if you visit your company, because they can only copy, not create, but it will be too late, because the cream of the market will have long been yours, competitors will remain only scraps. Competitors will only eat up after you.

Another benefit that gives a pumped-up seller is the opportunity to conduct free marketing research and find out how much energy the consumer has, how much he is motivated to buy a particular product or service. If the consumer has no energy, he has no motivation, which means that it must be created forcibly.

Marketing research as a way to increase sales
Free market research

It can be created just the same by the seller or sales Manager. If the energy is not created, then there will be no sale. A seller who is not pumped cannot get this data because he will not feel the idea that generates the energy. Once it is known how much motivational energy the consumer has, it can be increased.

If the energy is not created, then there will be no sale

Energy can be brought to such a level, after which the buyer will not be able to stop and refuse to buy. At the same time, in this case, the buyer will receive not only the desired product or service, but also the pleasure of buying, whereas if you create additional energy not through the activation of the idea, but through manipulation, there will be no pleasure.

When there is no pleasure from the acquired goods, it is possible to expect that the buyer, having come home, will be upset and will decide to return purchase and so happens often. A very interesting point is that a well-pumped seller can create a buyer such a volume of energy that the consumer can not cope with it even after the purchase.

Free market research as a way to save money
Free market research as a way to save money

A highly pumped seller can make the buyer so excited that he will start looking for someone to transfer his energy to. He can only transfer energy to another person, which means that he will have to go to communicate with others. In the process of this communication, he will understandably convey not only the energy, but also the idea that caused it.

Marketing starts generating profits for you

Thus, it turns out that the buyer will actually do some work in order to create new customers for you. It will broadcast to the market the idea of which is charged. At the same time, he will do all this for free. Agree, it is always nice to get for free what usually have to pay money, and far a lot of money.

Free marketing research, which you get thanks to the pumped seller, allow you to save on advertising and promotion of goods or services, and the money saved is the money earned. Thus, without spending anything on marketing, You also earn money on it. Marketing starts generating profits for you.

Who can conduct free market research
In order to get more money, it is necessary to pump both the seller and yourself, reading articles on marketing. A pumped-up salesman is just a storehouse of opportunities for the company, especially if he knows the rules of marketing. It gives the company dozens of new opportunities, including such a new opportunity for the company as the creation of the consumer.

He becomes a consumer in the process of introducing an idea into it

Pumped seller can organize the evolution of man in the direction of the consumer, it can turn just a person into a consumer. Initially, after all, a person is just a person, not a consumer. He becomes a consumer in the process of introducing an idea into it. Although of course it is believed that any person is a consumer, but in fact it is not.

A person becomes a consumer only at the final stage of implementation of the idea. Now, the average salesman is not able to guide a person through all the steps of the evolutionary ladder of the consumer. Only a seller pumped with an idea can do this, because only a pumped seller is the carrier of the idea and can pass it on to the buyer.

Free market research as a way to grow
The better the seller is pumped, the more he is the carrier of the idea and the more he can pass it to the buyer. He can introduce an idea, convey all its elements in order to explain the essence of the idea and thus eliminate uncertainty about the idea. He can introduce the idea and pump this idea of the consumer.

The buyer will not be able to refuse him and 100% will make a purchase

He can tell you what product corresponds to the idea that he has implemented and as a result to offer the buyer this product. The buyer will not be able to refuse him and 100% will make a purchase. Pumped from the seller some benefits. He, in addition to the above, can lead an effective competitive struggle for the buyer, he can very effectively fight with competitors.

And he will fight quite cleverly-without entering into open contact with a competitor. First of all, he will be able to conduct free market research competitors, making a discreet survey of the buyer in order to learn from him the information known to him about competitors. But that’s not all he can do to fight the competition.

Free marketing research for business development
In addition, the pumped seller can introduce buyers to a unique idea that can be distributed only by your company. Under this idea, of course, will fit only your product. Competitors will not be able to sell their goods. Accordingly, the pumped seller eliminates competitors long before the sale process begins.

Competitors will not be able to sell their goods

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