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The easiest way to earn

The easiest way to earn quickly and a lot is to give people what they want but can’t buy. Of course, you have to work hard to determine what people want and can not buy.However, the work is not dusty, interesting and accessible to everyone who has the Internet. Options earnings can be found thousands of and one of ready proposed below.

The easiest way to earn

My offer is to make money on Friday the 13th. Perhaps You are now surprised, because hardly even imagine how you can make money on “Friday 13”. Now explain. Friday the 13th, seems to be referring to a simple phrase, no better and no worse than others. On the surface, it is not clear how this can be earned. However, this is only in appearance.

In reality, it is so firmly entrenched in the subconscious of people that every time such a date happens, everyone almost shudders, and sincerely so shudder, as if in fact something may happen that can not happen on another date. The fact that a person shudders is a good thing, because it portends an easy way to make money.

Easy way to earn a lot
The easiest way to earn money

“Friday the 13th” is a really easy way to make money. People are very much pumped up by this idea and very much want to implement it. They seem to be in a state of hypnosis or trance from which they can not be brought out. You try to convince people that this is the same date as everything else, that there is nothing special about it. It wasn’t there! The presentation of evidence begins.

No one wants to write off everything that happened as a coincidence

One recalls that on Friday the 13th he stepped in a puddle and got dirty, then was late for work and lost his bonus. Another recalls that it was on Friday the 13th that he suddenly ran out of gas, and had to spend the night in a dark forest, shaking from any rustle. A third recalls that it was on Friday the 13th that he had an accident.

No one wants to write off everything that happened as a coincidence. Everyone wants to see in the date “Friday 13” something more than it really is. All this is happening because from the date “Friday 13” cinema has made a brand, and no one has registered it! Yes, “Friday the 13th” is a brand, and a very powerful brand that billions know.

Easy way to earn fast
Easy way to earn fast

Where there is a brand that is not registered, but promoted, there is an easy way to earn! Billions of people are pumped by the idea of “Friday 13” and want to implement it, but can’t. If you give them something that will allow them to realize the idea and eventually relax, they will gladly buy it. Billions of people will make a purchase and bring in billions of US dollars.

If the product was previously sold, then sales will grow at times

To make sure that “Friday 13” is a brand is very easy, it is enough to conduct a brand analysis. Analysis is only one way. The second way is to start stamping this date on some product. If the product was previously sold, then sales will grow at times, if not, then it is waiting for a very successful debut, and where there is a successful debut, there is an easy way to earn.

Success awaits because on this date people close some of their needs and when in their field of vision gets the subject on which there is such a symbol, they will not be able to do anything with themselves, except to buy this product. They see before them an object that can satisfy the need that has long tormented them, and they want to get it.

Easy way to earn with a guarantee
Easy way to earn with a guarantee

The algorithm by which the brand “Friday 13” was created is as simple as the algorithm by which all other well-known brands were created. The first time you are told that there is a number 13, you do not react to it. Well, so what. Then you are reminded again about this number, and again, and in parallel tied to this number some emotional event.

This move is widely used in advertising

This happens several times and, in the end, your psyche “breaks through” and you have emotions about this number, which you begin to associate with the symbol of their personification-the number 13. Such a move is widely used in advertising and its essence is to pump people with emotions that are heterogeneous.

Heterogeneity is a very unpleasant thing that torments people from the inside, you want to get rid of it and throw it somewhere. Automatically, our consciousness resets the heterogeneity of what is advertised in advertising. And the more emotions are created, the stronger the heterogeneity is created and the stronger the desire to get rid of it.

Easy way to earn for everyone
Easy way to earn for everyone

Heterogeneity is created by the introduction of ideas into people. Ideas get into people and create it in them. To introduce the idea of is quite expensive. Very often, the cost of implementing ideas is greater than the revenue from selling goods and services to implement them. Accordingly, having billions of people with an already implemented idea is an easy way to make money.

The need for such a product is simply huge

There are billions of people who want to get a product labeled “Friday the 13th”, but there is still no such product. If you give people this product, it will sell even better than the new iPhone or the new Samsung Galaxy. The need for such a product is simply huge. Under such a brand, you can sell anything, even illiquid.

It is enough to put on the product the inscription “Friday 13” and put it on sale before any of these dates. Success is guaranteed and an easy way to earn is provided. If you do not know how to organize all this yourself – please contact. You can try it yourself if you read articles about business. If they are not enough, you can always get business advice.

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