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How to build an effective business

An effective business is a business in which there is no shortage of consumers. Previously, there was a shortage of resources, then a shortage of goods, but humanity has coped with these problems. Goods enough services enough stores where you can buy all enough, in General, just enough, but the consumers just not enough and this is the main problem.

Effective business for everyone

The most interesting thing is that people have enough money. If not available, you can always take a fairly affordable loan. It turns out that the problem lies precisely in people. This problem is that people do not consume goods in the right amount for business. If they do not do it, then something prevents them from doing it, they lack something.

There have been studies that have found that consumers do not have enough ideas. The bottom line is that consumers buy goods and services only in order to realize the ideas that are embedded in them. All the ideas that are implemented in consumers have already been implemented, respectively, they simply have no reason to buy goods and services.

How to get an effective business
Effective business for everyone

Generally speaking, it is ideas that turn people into consumers. Initially, there are no consumers at all, there are just people. The common man differs from the consumer in that he does not have the desire and intention to buy a product. The consumer, in turn, has such a desire and this desire creates an idea that is embedded in it, motivating its implementation.

… ideas turn people into consumers

The philosopher’s stone carried out the transmutation of base metals into noble, and the idea of turning people into consumers. If you take a small child, it is mainly interested in food. He is not interested in his own apartment, he is not interested in the car, discos, alcohol, and so on, because he does not have the necessary ideas embedded in him.

In the process of growing up, the necessary ideas are introduced into the child and when he grows up, he begins to be interested in everything that allows him to realize them. Accordingly, in order to get an effective business that does not experience a shortage of consumers, it is enough to simply implement the right idea in the right number of people and turn them into consumers.

Effective business for everyone
Effective business for everyone

Effective business, and with it a large number of clients can be obtained only if the work is at the level of ideas. It penetrates into a person imperceptibly and he feels it as a part of himself and does not resist it, does not try to get rid of it. For example, if you drive a splinter into a person’s skin, he does not perceive it as a part of himself and tries to get rid of it.

Accordingly, competitors will not be able to take away customers, which means that the most effective business will be built

The idea fits into the person and integrates into him, becomes his harmonious part, does not interfere with him and does not destroy him. At the same time, the idea works for a long time. Once it hits a person, it turns him into a consumer forever. The body can not digest it, it will motivate a person to ensure that he again and again wanted to implement it.

Working at the idea level is also good because it can only be managed by the company that has implemented it. Only the company that has implemented the idea, knows what its essence is, can manage its further development and develop products or services for it. Accordingly, competitors will not be able to take away customers, which means that the most effective business will be built.

The most effective business
The most effective business

There are many companies that have managed to build an effective business, working at the level of ideas. These include Apple, whose share price has risen more than 75-fold since it began operating at the idea level in 1997. This rapid growth in the value of shares has allowed Apple to become one of the most expensive companies in the world.

After Apple started working on the idea level, it managed to build a really effective business

Apple’s idea-level marketing is very effective. After Apple started working on the idea level, it managed to build a really effective business. Of course, representatives of the company do not share the secret of success, do not talk about it at every corner. They are not interested in the fact that competitors have also started to work at the level of ideas.

Everyone can repeat success. To do this, you need to read the articles about business offered on this site and get advice on business. Including on the website is offered eMarketing, which allows you to work at the level of ideas. Thanks to this, it can be used to solve the main problem of our time-to eliminate the shortage of consumers.

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