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Effective fight against burnout of employees

Burnout of employees is a natural process that is inherent in nature. Sooner or later, any fire, if it does not throw firewood, begins to fade and eventually completely fades. Similarly, over time, any employee begins to fade, if he does not” throw firewood”, which serves as a motivating factor.

Burnout of employees and fight against it

Over time, absolutely all employees burn out, because these are the laws of nature and this is the logic of the development of our world. Someone is enough for more time, someone is enough for less time. However, in the end, all employees are subject to burnout, regardless of the specialty, because burnout does not choose a specialty, it is characteristic of everyone.

There are many opinions as to why employee burnout happens. However, all of them are very approximate and give food for thought rather than a specific answer to the question. There is only one correct answer to the question of why burnout happens. It is correct because it takes into account the mechanism of burnout.

Professional burnout of employees
Professional burnout of employees

Before proceeding to consider the mechanism of burnout, it is necessary to remember what the employee does at work. The question of what an employee does at work can be approached from different sides, which means that there will be different conclusions. One of the conclusions – employees at work implement a certain idea, their actions lead to the fact that the idea is either implemented or not.

A new idea is always a huge amount of motivation, under the influence of which employees work like clockwork

If the idea is realized, the product is created, if not, it is not created. The essence of the implemented idea depends on what exactly the employees are doing and in principle it is not very important. What is important is that all ideas have common properties. At first, when employees are just getting a job, the idea they have to deal with is new to them.

A new idea is always a huge amount of motivation, under the influence of which employees work like clockwork. Just got a job employees can be represented as just lit a fire. Gradually the idea is realized and the burnout of employees begins. Once the idea is fully implemented, there is a 100% burnout.

Burnout of employees has a reason
Burnout of employees has a reason

So, burnout of employees is the final process of realization of the idea. So the world is arranged that everything in it originates from ideas, and ideas have a property to be realized and accordingly to come to an end to give way to new ideas. When the idea is realized, there is nowhere to go, there is no motivation, and this is what we call burnout.

Accordingly, to burnout employees did not come, they must constantly focus not on the implementation of the idea, and to bring it to perfection

All ideas have one thing in common – they come in different levels. Each new level brings the idea closer to perfection. For example, once people called on a disk phone. Then people talked on a push-button phone. After that, communication went on the radio phone. The radiotelephone was replaced by mobile phones, which are now being actively replaced by smartphones.

All these devices are based on a common idea. These devices are just tools for implementing this idea. The trick is that the idea has levels. Each new level of development of the idea is a step of the idea to perfection, to the absolute. Accordingly, to burn out employees did not come, they must constantly focus not on the implementation of the idea, but on bringing it to perfection.

Prevention of employee burnout
Prevention of employee burnout

The theme of employee burnout is relevant for many businesses, because many businesses were originally built not to bring the idea to perfection, but simply to implement it. The realization of the idea comes quickly, and therefore burnout also comes quickly. As soon as the idea is realized, the business ends and there is a burnout of both business and employees.

Thanks to this strategy the life time of the business and the activity of employees can be increased tenfold

It can certainly be maintained artificially, but it is not profitable. Moving to perfection is a long way and a huge amount of motivation, so if you choose this path, the burnout of employees will come very soon or not at all. Thanks to this strategy, the life time of the business and the activity of employees can be increased tenfold.

The trick is that as soon as you reach one level of development of the idea, a new level opens up. It happens again and again, dozens and hundreds of times, and it’s really cool. A business built on such foundations is a perpetual business, because the pursuit of excellence is a perpetual motion machine for perpetual business. Such a business is not afraid of the crisis and such a business does not need anti-crisis marketing.

Burnout of employees can be stopped
Burnout of employees can be stopped

It may seem that the choice of such a strategy is very expensive and not everyone can afford, so it is better to allow burnout of employees than to choose such a strategy. When some employees burn out, you can just recruit new and fresh ones. As the experience of corporations that have opted for this strategy shows, the opposite is true.

It is the companies that have chosen the strategy of moving to perfection that become market leaders

The bottom line is that the product or service that is created as part of such a strategy always has the maximum competitiveness, because they are always as perfect as possible. The most perfect product is the maximum number of buyers, the maximum price of the product, and therefore the maximum income and profits. It is the companies that have chosen the strategy of moving to perfection that become market leaders.

Implementing this strategy is very simple. It is necessary to read articles on marketing, get advice on marketing and other areas that are presented on this site. Each of the articles and each of the consultations contains a lot of interesting and useful information that will allow you to build a perfect and long-term business with the most active employees.

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