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Why is the forecast of business development necessary
He started doing business at the University. The scholarship was not enough, so I was spinning to earn at least some money. I've never worked for my uncle, and I'm…

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Ways to improve business efficiency
Working as the most accurate clock and generating money in unlimited quantities business is the dream of all businessmen. This dream is realized only by those businessmen who increase the…

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Learn the main secret of a successful business
How to become a successful businessman? All you need to do for success is to soak up the idea of business, plunge into it with your head. As long as…

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A ticket to the post-industrial economy

There are several types of economies, and one of them is post – industrial. The transition to a post-industrial economy is one of our possible prospects, if the conditions are right. They can both develop and not develop, respectively, the transition can both take place and not take place. It depends on many factors.

Transition to a post-industrial economy

Each type of economy is based on something. Hunting and gathering economy is built around production: the search for berries, mushrooms, roots, nuts and other edibles, as well as hunting and fishing. This is the first level of the economy. The ticket to it is the ability to collect and hunt. Continue reading

How to beat the competition and earn everything

There are many options for how to bypass competitors. But most methods involve huge financial or reputational costs. There is only one way that is quite cheap and at the same time does not affect the reputation, because it looks honest and fair. It will allow you to bypass competitors and become a market leader. It is profitable to be a leader, because the leader gets the maximum, the rest gets the rest.

The further away from market leadership, the lower the earnings. For example, Apple removes from the smartphone market about all 94% of profits. Another 11% goes to Samsung. Together, they withdraw more than 100% of the profits, while the rest are in chronic minus. And the farther away from the leader, the greater the minus. Continue reading

Internal marketing from professionals

A person is selfish, he always thinks about himself, about his own benefit. He thinks about someone else’s benefit only if he is motivated to do so. This is the truth of life. By itself, he will never think about how to do good to others. The way a person works is that if he is not motivated to work for your business using internal marketing, he starts working for himself, using his resources.

internal marketing

There are many ways to motivate employees to work for the business. Continue reading

Effective ways to increase profits

There are a million tips on how to increase profits. However, despite this, up to 95% of businesses operate with minimal profit or even at a loss. The bottom line is that not all methods are effective for specific businesses. The question is to choose exactly the methods that will suit a particular business. If they are picked up incorrectly-profit is not visible.

How to increase profits

There is no magic wand that can be waved to increase profits. Increasing profits is a serious job that requires special knowledge and technology. If there is no time and desire to master them, then it is advisable to outsource the increase in profits to specialists, which by the way is inexpensive. Continue reading

How to sell a startup and get rich

You can sell an idea only if you turn it into a project or in other words – a startup. So the potential buyer will be able to get a visual representation of it. If you offer a “bare idea”, it is unlikely anyone will be interested, if only because it is not clear how it can be earned. It is also not clear what costs should be incurred and it is not clear whether someone needs this idea and the product that will be created on its basis.

The project makes it possible to clarify these and other issues, to put everything in a symbolic and visual form. Selling a finished project is not the easiest task, but at the same time it is quite interesting and often profitable. Continue reading

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